Stylish Basement Bar Furniture

Bar Furniture For Basement

Basement Bar Furniture – Many people dream of having their own home bar. This is a place where they can entertain their friends, creating a relaxing environment and have their favorite beer on tap. Having the bar alone is not enough. If you really want to have the complete bar experience, you will need to build furniture for your bar too. The bar stool is one of the main bar accessories. It allows people to sit at the bar yourself, enjoy a drink and talk to the host or bartender. Building a basic stool can be made of pieces of 2-by-4 and plywood. When building the stool, make sure you do your legs high enough so patrons can sit at a natural hill next to the bar. They should be able to comfortably place their elbows and forearms on the top of the bar. This may mean that you have to place a foot on either stool or on the bar itself. In the design of these also consider padding for the top. This can easily be attached with some foam covered by fabric that is stitched to the seat. Your guests will thank you when they sit for a few hours and watch a football game.

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Another piece of basement bar furniture you may want to build a long bar table, called belly bars. These tables are high enough to comfortably place your drink while standing up. Belly bars are traditionally 40 inches tall, but because this is your bar, you can build the table at any height you desire. These are easy to assemble with standard boards, some 2-by-4s, a piece of 4-by-4, and a piece of plywood.

Stylish basement bar furniture. If you want to make this a round table, you need either a band saw or jigsaw. If you do not want are people who are at the table, you can add bar stools to give people a place to sit. You can also go the extra mile and build some bar stools to specifically go round belly bars. The basic pattern would be the same as the bar stool, but you can add a backrest for added comfort.

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