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Epoxy basement floor paint – Painting concrete basement floors are inexpensive way to make a floor makeover. Dull, gray concrete floor can make the basement is dark and dreary. To transform this room and add color and flair, you can paint concrete floors a variety of colors. Epoxy paint is best for concrete floors.  Epoxy is the best choice for painting a basement floor. Epoxy paint does not chip like latex paints tend to do. This paint has very strong smoke, so if use in a basement, open windows or use an exhaust fan if you have one. Water-based epoxy is often used in home applications such as basement floors, and can be purchased at any home improvement store.

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Types of epoxy basement floor paint. There are three types of epoxy paint, solvent-based, water-based, and 100 percent solids. Each type is categorized according to the percentage of solids or epoxy, which it contains. 100 percent solids is the cleanest epoxy. It is also the most expensive and most durable. It is very difficult to apply this epoxy, as it tends to harden very quickly so that professionals should use it. Solvent-based mostly used for industrial purposes. You want to avoid using this type of epoxy in the home because of the strong vapors that solvents produce.

Epoxy basement floor paint is easy to use. Most require a layer, and will dry for a few hours. It is possible to paint one day and use the space next. Many other types of concrete coatings may require several layers and involving several steps. As with other concrete floor paints, preparation is the key. The area to be cleaned, and any cracks must be filled to ensure proper adhesion.  Other types of floors, such as concrete stain, to be used on a previously untreated surface.

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