The Finished Basement Ceiling Ideas

Finished Basement Low Ceiling Ideas

Finished basement ceiling ideas – Finishing a basement is a way to expand the usable space inside a house or set up a special area by building a media room, game room or home office. A decision is part of a basement renovation project is to decide what type of ceiling to install. There are several options, each with its advantages and disadvantages. A suspended ceiling, also known as a drop ceiling, is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to finish a basement ceiling. Suspended ceilings include a lightweight metal frame with foam tile isolated, hanging in openings in the metal frame. Additional openings in the frame house lighting fixtures. Apart from its cost-effectiveness, a suspended ceiling provides access to all ducts, pipes or cables, basement ceiling could collapse. Access to these games is as easy as raising a ceiling’s foam tiles. Suspended ceiling tiles also soundproofing, turning the basement into a more private room.

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Finished basement ceiling ideas. A drywall ceiling is another option for basement. This type of ceiling can mimic ceilings throughout the rest of the house, providing a continuous feeling to the room. Drywall ceilings cost more to install than suspended ceilings, but they have a more finished look. They are also easy to paint and clean. Drywall ceilings may include either recessed lighting or standard overhead lamps.

Multilevel ceiling. Because a finished basement ceiling ideas is expected to hide duct work and pipes, one of several ceiling is a good way to maximize vertical space while still hiding these unattractive fixtures. Rather than having a small part of the ceiling will be lower than the rest, consider a large area with a lowered ceiling. This can be a part of the overall room design, such as if you place the lowered part of the ceiling above a seating area or a storage area, where people are less likely to stand upright.

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