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Basement Design Atlanta – Basement can be transformed into almost any type of room you can imagine. The key is to make sure your basement moisture problems, if any, are resolved before the final project. Depending on the size of the basement and your needs or desires, the design project of your choice is limited only by your imagination and budget. The natural insulation that is inherent in most cellars makes them an ideal place to put your dream of a home theater. Add some carpets and upholstered furniture to help with acoustics. Don’t keep anything but the movie posters on the walls and add a dimmer to the ambient light in order to cut down on glare. A small kitchenette would be useful to provide snacks and drinks that don’t require going upstairs.

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The basement can actually be a large kitchen and dining area of ​​your upstairs kitchen feels crowded. The expansive space in most cellars enables cabinet and counter space. The toughest part may have appliances such as a refrigerator and stove down in the basement design Atlanta, but if you can pull that off, you can then set their sights on making of old kitchen into a completely new and different type of living space. Children will appreciate to have a separate room to go down to play video games, table tennis or pool. Many basements have been converted into a playroom and soundproofing allows children to turn up the volume when playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero without disturbing the rest of the house.

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If your laundry room is composed of a closet large area of ​​the washer and dryer fits, you should consider turning your basement design Atlanta into your own personal Laundromat. Besides washer and dryer, you might want to consider installing a fold-down ironing board and string up a line that crosses the room to air-drying fabrics that don’t deal well with the heat from the dryer. Another good idea is to create a laundry chute floor carrying the dirty clothes in the bin inside the basement laundry room.

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