Types Of Basement Waterproof Paint

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Basement Waterproof Paint – Impregnating your basement or garage is an important step in protecting your home and personal belongings from water damage. Among the ways to accomplish this task are the use of waterproof paint on walls and floors. Several types of waterproof paint are available on the market with varying degrees of durability and price. Certain types of paint also contain potentially hazardous materials, so follow the correct safety procedures when using them. Masonry paint is designed to comply with bricks, concrete and other hard surfaces in and around the home. The paint is made waterproof through ceramic and latex that is added to paint to prevent water and other liquids from being absorbed. These paintings are also mildew resistant and easily cleaned with water and soap. Much brickwork paint also complete the manufacturer’s warranties in the event of a problem arising from a defective batch.

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Types of basement waterproof paint. Epoxy paint is most commonly used for basement or garage floors due to the durability of the paint and waterproof capabilities. Epoxy is a type of plastic resin added to paint to create a fast curing compound when applied to a substrate. The resin forms a durable, waterproof seal that will stick to stone, metal and other surfaces such as concrete and cement. According to the basement flooring website, the most durable epoxy paint is generally the most expensive if water based epoxy can provide a more economical solution that is durable enough for home use.

Types of basement waterproof paint. Acrolein elastic paint is a waterproof paint applied to concrete surfaces. Compound also inhibits the growth of mold, mold and other bacteria that are associated with the presence of moisture. Acrolein is a toxic substance contact that can cause irritation of the throat and lungs and damage to the skin.

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