Unfinished Basement Bedroom Ideas

Unfinished Basement Toy Room Ideas

Unfinished basement bedroom – In a perfect world, all houses are finished rooms and plenty of creature comforts. But it is not always the case and sometimes a seat as an unfinished basement to serve as a bedroom. If you’ve had to convert your basement into a bedroom for your child, you have a number of options to make the room appear smaller unfinished. From hiring decorating styles that do not require matching furniture and perfect walls to find solutions that cover a wide range of sins, create a bedroom for your child in no time.

Embrace an eclectic shabby chic style if you’re at a loss for what to do with the site. This style works with old furniture with chipping paint, wrong items and popular charm. While the style may not be suitable for a younger child, it just perfect for a teenager. Cover the floor with a large rug or carpet if unfinished basement bedroom. This will keep the floor from being cold at night and will serve to bring together space. To add some color before you put down on the carpeting, consider painting on the floor. It will add a more finished look without the expense of fixing the tile. Cover the walls with a large tapestry if still sheet rock shows.

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Create a wardrobe, if there is no closet to hang your baby’s clothes. Consider painting wardrobe to make it a more child-friendly color. Create seating area if your unfinished basement bedroom. This gives your child a place to bring friends. Place a sofa and some chairs around a downstairs TV. If your child is older, think of bringing in a futon for use in this area, which will serve double duty as a sofa and bed. This saves space. Use an old trunk as a coffee table / storage bin for the seating area. For a younger child, a piece like this serves as a toy box, but make sure they cannot get his head stuck in between the chest and the coverage that you do not want a security problem.

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