Use Paint Texture To Cover Basement Wall Paneling Ideas

Basement Decorative Wall Panels

Basement Wall Paneling Ideas – Wooden panels on the walls can add heat to a basement as well as a unique texture on a wall; but this wall treatment tends to be permanent as well as time consuming. Removing panels requires a lot of effort involving the removal of sockets and woodwork. In addition, cover some panel’s completely unfinished walls, which would require drywall, tape and primer before using paint texture. However, it is possible to use textured paint to create a new look on your existing panels. Push down any protruding nails along the length of each piece of panels. Replace bent nail with new if necessary. Cover floor surfaces with drop cloths after removing any furniture that may be damaged. Cover the remaining furniture. Tape off the length of all socks to protect the tree from being textured. You can remove the tape and reset baseboards after texturing panels.

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How to use paint texture to cover basement wall paneling ideas. Mix water and grease-cutting detergent in a bucket. Apply caulk or kit for vertical grooves, seams, holes and folds in panels using a trowel or kit knife. Sand surface of panels to rough surface to accept paint. Cut into the corners and near the sockets with your brush and primer paint. If you have chosen to keep grooves, you may need to paint with a brush. Roll the walls and allow drying completely for about 2 to 3 hours. Primer will prepare the wall for paint, so future coats of paint to bond with panel’s surface. Primer also helps to cover even the darkest color of wood panels.

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Then to use paint texture to cover basement wall paneling ideas. Prepare your paint by opening and stirring cans of paint. Most textured wall projects require both a basic color and a top color. Roll your base color panel’s surface, cut into corners and along edges as needed. You may need two coats of paint to prevent panel color from coming through the paint. Allow your background color to dry for 2 to 3 hours. Prepare your brushes, textured roles, rags or mushrooms.

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