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z – It is quite inevitable, left with the concrete seen, traditional basements seem cold, damp and frequently smell musty. No matter what color you paint it or how to decorate it, it never feels homely. There is only one good solution – the elaboration of new, wooden walls to line the interior and to divide the basement into the rooms. Not only does it transform the area, but it is done correctly, it increases the value of the house as well. Seal exterior concrete walls with a sealant designed for this purpose. Brands and application methods vary.

Cover each outer wall with extruded polystyrene foam insulation sheets, cut to fit between the ceiling and the floor small basement ideas pictures. Use adhesive designed for use with polystyrene to attach each sheet of concrete walls; Adhesives not formulated for polystyrene can in fact cause the insulation to disintegrate over time. Tape on each seam with tape coating, is commonly referred to tape as cosmetic surgery, to completely seal all moisture penetrate the wall. Locate ceiling beams along each outer wall or in any area where you want to install interior walls. If the roof is unfinished, this is fairly simple, but if the roof is covered use a beam detector or touch the ceiling to find where it feels and sounds solid instead of empty. Mark each beam for future reference.

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Cut the roof finish, back to the joist on each side, if there is not a beam in the area you want your wall to be. In the outer walls small basement ideas pictures, this occurs in the two walls running parallel to the beams, in which case they are cut from the wall to the first beam. For interior walls, consider moving the wall slightly to run under a beam. Find the distance between the beams either the outer wall or the first joist and cut boards 2 by 4 inches from even. Nails, one every 12 inches, between the ceiling beams. This provides a wooden structure to which you will connect your wall.

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